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“Stand Your Ground” and NRA Justice

Above and beyond the outrageous circumstances connected with the killing of Trayvon Martin, there is something awfully creepy about the “stand your ground laws” being pushed by the NRA (National Rifle Association) and its right-wing allies. Under our system of … Continue reading

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For David Brooks, It’s All about Original Sin

Sigh. David Brooks is back at it again on original sin. It seems that whenever a heinous act is featured on the news, Brooks directs our attention to the dark underbelly of our own natures. Back in November, it was the … Continue reading

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Why is Santorum Doing Better with Evangelicals than Catholics?

Rick Santorum has been cleaning up in the Bible Belt. Although a practicing Catholic, he has recently won primaries in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama, not exactly Papist strongholds. He has also done well in the rural areas of rustbelt states, where evangelicals predominate. … Continue reading

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The Fox Effect

Fox News has found a new public enemy. This time it’s not Acorn, George Soros, or the Occupiers of Wall Street. Instead it’s an entity with a low profile and a tedious job: Media Matters, the watchdog  organization that tracks … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum’s Theology

Whatever Rick Santorum’s fate may be in the presidential sweepstakes, it’s obvious that he has risen to prominence by promoting a theology that resonates with the far right. Guided by its assumptions, Santorum has offered a religious critique of mainstream secular culture. … Continue reading

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