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Romney: Rights Come from God

In some of his recent speeches, Mitt Romney has come out with the claim that our rights come from God. His rhetoric may be nothing more than garden-variety pandering to a key constituency, in this case the Christian Right. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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On the Use (and Abuse) of History

Most would agree that right-wing advocates have been adept at employing history in the service of their cause. David Barton’s lessons on the Christian roots of liberty and Glenn Beck’s chalkboard seminars on the sins of American Progressives are but two examples of conservatives using the … Continue reading

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The Republican Right and Saul Alinsky

The Republican Right can’t seem to get its mind off of Saul Alinsky. Alinsky was the Chicago activist who organized the powerless and gave them a voice back in the old days when workers and minorities were mostly ignored. His book Rules for Radicals, … Continue reading

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