Political Optic is a blog aimed at providing timely analysis of current political happenings and trends in the United States. “Optic,” which  means eye,  is meant to refer to the role of the critic. “Political” refers to politics in the broadest sense: politics not simply as governmental activities and the day-to-day skirmishing over policy, but politics as the expression of underlying interests within society.

We make no pretensions to neutrality. Our politics are progressive: we favor a robust participatory democracy that serves the people’s interests and denies special advantages to the well-heeled and the powerful. We support the extension of full civil rights and liberties to all. And we believe in a politics of transparency and openness.

We welcome comments from visitors.

1 Response to Aims

  1. Oceanus says:

    In your next-to-last sentence, I’m sure you meant to say WELL-HEELED.

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