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Liberty, Libertarianism, and Solar Power

Self-described libertarians David and Charles Koch consistently present themselves as defenders of freedom and choice. Thus Americans For Prosperity, the Kochs’ political arm, states on its website that “free markets make free and prosperous people” and that its objective is “getting government to clear … Continue reading

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Climate Change Denial on the Right Reinforced by “Worldview” Assumptions

Even as we hear reports of 2014’s being the hottest year on the record books, the climate change deniers show no signs of disappearing. In defiance of accumulating evidence and even the changing sentiments of their Republican constituents, GOP lawmakers continue to show little … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Minding the Hive?

The alarming decline of our honey bee population in the United States, a concern of environmentalists and farmers for several years now, points to an imminent danger with world-wide implications. The problem, known as colony collapse disorder (CCD), has been well documented by scientists, journalists, and … Continue reading

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