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On the Use (and Abuse) of History

Most would agree that right-wing advocates have been adept at employing history in the service of their cause. David Barton’s lessons on the Christian roots of liberty and Glenn Beck’s chalkboard seminars on the sins of American Progressives are but two examples of conservatives using the … Continue reading

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The Public Starting to See Through the Republicans’ Game

Many Americans seem to realize what the Republicans are up to on the economy. According to a recent Daily Kos-SEIU poll, a plurality of citizens now believe the Republican Party is intentionally stalling the recovery. Most informed progressives would view this as … Continue reading

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Religious Liberty, or the Prerogatives of the Bishops?

The American bishops of the Catholic church have a problem with their parishioners, who tend to be pragmatic about how they apply Church principles. The divide between dogma and actual practice is perhaps best exemplified by the split over birth control. The hierarchy condemns … Continue reading

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