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The “Dependent” Ones

On the basis of Mitt Romney’s comments on the 47%, it seems obvious that he believes being “dependent on government” in any form is a condition worse than sin. His view that almost half of us fit into that category … Continue reading

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Romney: Rights Come from God

In some of his recent speeches, Mitt Romney has come out with the claim that our rights come from God. His rhetoric may be nothing more than garden-variety pandering to a key constituency, in this case the Christian Right. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan, Son of John Galt

Paul Ryan has downplayed his Ayn Rand associations lately in deference to Christian sensibilities. Rand, the popular priestess of über-individualism, was a militant atheist and no friend of the Christian religion. Still, while Ryan dismisses Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, he in no way … Continue reading

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