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How Not to Govern: U.S. Highways and Infrastructure the Victim of Ideology

Once upon a time, government investment in the nation’s infrastructure was a bipartisan thing. Democrats saw such investment as encouraging jobs, the Republicans saw it as helping business, and everybody agreed that it strengthened the nation. This view has been shared by both parties throughout our history. Democrats were … Continue reading

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Ballot Box Vigilantes

One thing to be ready for on Election Tuesday is the invasion of the ballot box vigilantes. These guardians of the vote will be out at polling places around the country to challenge any suspicious-looking voters. By all accounts, they … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan and the Fusion of Fiscal and Social Conservatism

Paul Ryan needs no introduction as a fiscal conservative. The chairman of the Budget Committee in the House and the author of several controversial budget plans, Ryan has long been a guiding light for government-allergic libertarians. Less well known but … Continue reading

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