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Is Anyone Minding the Hive?

The alarming decline of our honey bee population in the United States, a concern of environmentalists and farmers for several years now, points to an imminent danger with world-wide implications. The problem, known as colony collapse disorder (CCD), has been well documented by scientists, journalists, and … Continue reading

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Pro-Lifers at War with the Medical Profession

Republican law-makers have been up to their old tricks bashing abortion and passing invasive restrictions on women seeking it. Less publicized, but even more consequential I believe, are efforts that target a key institutional component of the issue: the teaching of abortion … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Our Politics: “Asymmetric” Polarization

Not many would argue with the claim that our politics has become dysfunctional. The parties can’t seem to agree on anything, and the legislative process has been tied in knots for most of President Obama’s tenure as president. But typically, most … Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart’s Role in the Media War

The American right has been waging a campaign against the so-called liberal media from as far back as the Nixon era. It mostly began in the late 1960’s and early 70s with concerted attacks on news organizations by Nixon’s vice president, Spiro … Continue reading

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The Cato Controversy: Tensions in Libertarian Land

The Cato Institute is a think tank that is practically synonymous with current-day libertarianism. Those connected with it at one time or another constitute a virtual who’s who of modern libertarians, including Murray Rothbard, the Koch brothers, Milton Friedman, Charles Murray, and … Continue reading

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