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The Trump-Republican Tax Cut: What Were They Thinking?

As a mental exercise, let’s ask the following question: what if Trump and the Republicans, instead of tilting their tax-cut legislation heavily towards corporations and the rich, had come up with a bill that truly favored white middle class voters, … Continue reading

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How Not to Govern: U.S. Highways and Infrastructure the Victim of Ideology

Once upon a time, government investment in the nation’s infrastructure was a bipartisan thing. Democrats saw such investment as encouraging jobs, the Republicans saw it as helping business, and everybody agreed that it strengthened the nation. This view has been shared by both parties throughout our history. Democrats were … Continue reading

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The “Dependent” Ones

On the basis of Mitt Romney’s comments on the 47%, it seems obvious that he believes being “dependent on government” in any form is a condition worse than sin. His view that almost half of us fit into that category … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan, Son of John Galt

Paul Ryan has downplayed his Ayn Rand associations lately in deference to Christian sensibilities. Rand, the popular priestess of über-individualism, was a militant atheist and no friend of the Christian religion. Still, while Ryan dismisses Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, he in no way … Continue reading

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Deregulation Fever

Congressional Republicans, unlike the elephant that symbolizes their party, act as though they have short memories. A key example is their embrace of deregulation in the wake of two of the biggest regulatory screw-ups in generations: the 2008 financial meltdown and the … Continue reading

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The Public Starting to See Through the Republicans’ Game

Many Americans seem to realize what the Republicans are up to on the economy. According to a recent Daily Kos-SEIU poll, a plurality of citizens now believe the Republican Party is intentionally stalling the recovery. Most informed progressives would view this as … Continue reading

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The Buffett Rule and Democratic Tactics

Frames are important in politics. The way an issue is presented is sometimes of greater weight than the accuracy of one’s debating points or the clarity of one’s reasoning. What is critical is how one’s argument plays upon the experience of one’s audience and … Continue reading

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