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Red States Face Political Rumblings in Wake of Teacher Strikes

This spring, Republican governors and legislatures across the country faced major backlash from teachers protesting the neglect and defunding of public education. Work stoppages, teacher marches, and other demonstrations of populist anger appeared in the reddest of red states, notably … Continue reading

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Is Tim Kaine a Progressive?

As a progressive democrat, I was disappointed when Hillary chose Tim Kaine, a politician known as a centrist, for her running mate. Hillary, it seems to me, missed out on a chance to show her progressive good faith and to appeal to a critical … Continue reading

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The Occupy Movement: Success and Limitations

No one on the progressive side of the ledger can deny the positive impact of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). After two years of angry verbiage from anti-government tea partiers, the occupiers of Zuccotti Park finally provided a blast of fresh air. By refocusing … Continue reading

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Do Liberals Have a Problem with Populism?

During the past four years, the Right has shown a marked ability to take advantage of popular discontent. In the face of one of the most severe financial crises of modern times, it was able to adopt a highly successful populist strategy to serve its anti-governmental … Continue reading

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On the Use (and Abuse) of History

Most would agree that right-wing advocates have been adept at employing history in the service of their cause. David Barton’s lessons on the Christian roots of liberty and Glenn Beck’s chalkboard seminars on the sins of American Progressives are but two examples of conservatives using the … Continue reading

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The Republican Right and Saul Alinsky

The Republican Right can’t seem to get its mind off of Saul Alinsky. Alinsky was the Chicago activist who organized the powerless and gave them a voice back in the old days when workers and minorities were mostly ignored. His book Rules for Radicals, … Continue reading

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