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The Tale of Two Colsons

In the wake of Chuck Colson’s death, we hear a lot about the two Colsons. The theme usually comes in the form of a stark contrast: the Chuck Colson sullied by his early political misdeeds versus the Colson redeemed by his … Continue reading

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The Buffett Rule and Democratic Tactics

Frames are important in politics. The way an issue is presented is sometimes of greater weight than the accuracy of one’s debating points or the clarity of one’s reasoning. What is critical is how one’s argument plays upon the experience of one’s audience and … Continue reading

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The Republican Right and Saul Alinsky

The Republican Right can’t seem to get its mind off of Saul Alinsky. Alinsky was the Chicago activist who organized the powerless and gave them a voice back in the old days when workers and minorities were mostly ignored. His book Rules for Radicals, … Continue reading

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The Ayn Rand Budget

Paul Ryan, the author of the GOP’s recent budget proposal, is a big fan of Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand is the writer who inspired the young Ryan some fifteen years ago to get into politics. Today, unsurprisingly, her go-it-alone individualism permeates his worldview and guides his policy-making. Her … Continue reading

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The GOP Budget Strategy: Reframing plus Shock Doctrine

Without a doubt, the Republicans seem set upon a high-risk strategy. Their congressional contingent last week decided to put all their chips on the Paul Ryan budget plan (all but ten Republicans voted for it in the House), which if  adopted … Continue reading

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