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Will Trump Exploit a Terrorist Attack for His Own Ends?

Because Trump’s tweets are spontaneous, they provide a useful indicator–a kind of Rohrschack Test–of his fundamental instincts. One recent tweet, reacting to the Federal Court’s  blockade of his immigration executive order, was nothing less than a wake-up call for concerned Americans. Trump tweeted: “Just … Continue reading

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“Telling Like It Is,” Trump Comes Back to Punish the GOP Establishment

The “tell it like it is” tactic, so brilliantly portrayed in Donald Trump’s current campaign, has long been used as a forceful way of connecting with the voter. On the face of it, it is a form of plain-speaking, where the speaker says things … Continue reading

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The Paranoid Mindset of the Religious Right and the “Worldview” that Fosters It

If one pays attention to the recent rhetoric of the Religious Right, one notices a predictable pattern. Not only does the movement loudly denounce things it doesn’t approve of, but it conjures up images of persecution. Its shrillness exemplifies a … Continue reading

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Lessons to be Drawn from Denver Debate

Democratic supporters of President Obama were looking for a forceful case for his reelection at Wednesday’s debate. Instead they saw the president withdrawn and in rambling mode, woefully unprepared to answer his opponent’s programmed assault. Having spent weeks rehearsing his lines, Romney overwhelmed Obama … Continue reading

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The “Dependent” Ones

On the basis of Mitt Romney’s comments on the 47%, it seems obvious that he believes being “dependent on government” in any form is a condition worse than sin. His view that almost half of us fit into that category … Continue reading

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