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Anti-Sharia Fever in Texas: This is How It Starts

The mayor of a mid-size Texan city has emerged in recent months as the newest face of Islamophobia. Aligning herself with extremists hostile to Islam, Mayor Beth Van Duyne of Irving, Texas has helped to fan fears about a Muslim arbitration panel … Continue reading

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The “Pro-Family Election Disaster”

For the Christian Right, there is no hiding from the drubbing it received on November 6. Unable to spin it away, movement leaders have taken to gnashing their teeth in recent days. Mike Huckabee described the election as a “humiliating … Continue reading

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Ballot Box Vigilantes

One thing to be ready for on Election Tuesday is the invasion of the ballot box vigilantes. These guardians of the vote will be out at polling places around the country to challenge any suspicious-looking voters. By all accounts, they … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Our Politics: “Asymmetric” Polarization

Not many would argue with the claim that our politics has become dysfunctional. The parties can’t seem to agree on anything, and the legislative process has been tied in knots for most of President Obama’s tenure as president. But typically, most … Continue reading

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